Hello and Welcome – My First Post: Children with Special Needs Resource File

Hi! The beginning of this blog is actually an assignment for my class: Children with Special Needs. This blog will serve as a chronicle of my adventures as a teacher at some point, but first I will be creating a resource file. The resource file will include a compilation of what we’ve discussed in class, covered in the textbook, other resources, and my own aha-moments or important take-aways from the class.

Some of the things that will be covered in this resource file:

  • Major Laws Regarding Children with Special Needs
  • Major Disability Types/Diagnoses
  • Characteristics of A Great Early Childhood Educator in an Inclusive Classroom
  • Information Working and Partnering with Families
  • What Else I Plan on Learning When the Class Ends (a lot I’m sure)
  • What Inclusion Means
  • Information about Intervention for Children with Potential Disabilities
  • Development Information: Normal vs Exceptional
  • ¬†Assessing Children with Special Needs
  • The Individual Family Support Plan (IFSP) and Individual Education Plan (IEP) Process
  • Lots of Information on Implementing Inclusion
  • Help and Managing Challenging Behaviors
  • And more….

I look forward to getting my notes organized and up on the blog. I hope this blog is helpful to other Early Childhood Educators, Families of Children with Special Needs, and, of course, my teacher (ya know, to help give me a good grade).

Lots of love and sunshine, Ms. Sarah

notesimage by Sarah H.


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