What Else Do I Want To Learn?

My Nana always told me “you can learn something new everyday.” And, she is right! Spend a couple weeks with 16 three year-old, or any amount of kids for any amount time. They notice the most amazing things, says the most interesting things, and do the most insane things, all on a regular basis. Working with children takes a similar knack for noticing too. There is so much to learn and the field is ever changing.

So it might seem weird that I’m already discussing what else I want to learn. It is, after all, only the third post. But I’ve been thinking about it for the past couple days and I’ve come up with a list:

  • While working on my inclusion research project, I stumbled upon this guy: Dr. Wayne Sailor. He gave an interview on The Inclusive Class Podcast. He is currently the director of the Schoolwide Integrated Framework for Transformation (SWIFT) Center at the University of Kansas. His research has to do with full integration of students with disabilities and restructuring the schooling system to accomplish this. SWIFT offers schools assistance with this. I’m really interested in the idea of school reform in its different forms and vehicles and this guy seems to be going in a direction I would like to learn about.
  • Conscious Discipline– This is a type of classroom management that we use at Head Start, and I have drunk the kool-aid. I want to continue to hone my skills and increase my own knowledge.  I have found it so helpful in my personal life and in my classroom. It’s relationship based teaching of self-regulation. I’ll write a whole post on it later.
  • I want to learn more ways to be an inclusive educator, create an inclusive space, and encourage inclusion in the world around me. I think it is so vital that our society embrace inclusion and stop excluding others based on their differences.
  • I want to learn how to be an advocate for my students with special needs. I will be attending my first IEP meeting on Dec. 3rd and I think it will be a good step toward learning how to do this effectively. (Please feel free to leave suggestions about this in the comments section.)
  • And, of course, I want to learn how how to best serve my kiddos with special needs. I’m fairly certain this will be a life long lesson and I look forward to it!

Expand your mind. Lots of love and sunshine, Ms. Sarah

image from http://www.buzzfeed.com/verymuchso/24-life-affirming-words-of-wisdom-from-johnny-cash?sub=2136855_1057305


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